Using the Categorical Converter - 8

The Catergical Converter We finish by tracing our path from the SP under the I column to the SP under the E column. Moving from PS to SP follows the rule of Contradiction. We encounter the Contradictory symbol along the path, so the T token is exchanged for a F (false) token.

We represent our final inference as:

"All non-S is non-P" is true, thus (by obversion) "No non-S is P" is true, thus (by conversion) "No non-P is non-S" is true, thus (by obversion) "All P is S" is true, thus (by conversion) "Some S is P" is true, thus (by contradiction) "No S is P" is false.

This completes the description of how to use the Categorical Converter. If you wish, you may view the Converter again, or you may learn how the Converter is constructed.

10 August 1996